Spoorloos, Season 4 (Visual Effects)

Frenchy Dreams of Hashish, Documentary (Colourist)

Dinah, Short Film (VFX)

Diep City, Season 1 (Colourist)

Legacy, Season 1 (Colourist)

The River, Season 3 (Colourist & VFX)

Tears in the Rain, Short Film (On set VFX Supervisor)

Igazi, TV series (Visual Effects)

Bloedbroers, TV Series (Visual Effects)

Donkerland, TV Series (Visual Effects)

Die Laaste Tango, Feature Film (Camera B Operator)

Snare, Feature Film (Visual Effects)

100 Meter Leeuloop, Feature Film (3D Animation and Visual Effects)

Angel of the Skies, Feature Film (Texture Artist)

At Thy Call, Short Film (Visual Effects)
Short film Corner Selection at Cannes Film Festival 2008
Coal Stove Award for Best VFX

Cambion Chronicles, Short Film (Visual Effects)